Android 5- Best Screen Recorder

With Android Lollipop, you can easily record high resolution videos of your phone or tablet screen without having root the device. Android4 kitkat allowed screen recording but with Lollipop, the process has become almost as easy as recording on just like your desktop – you have to launch an app (there are many choices to choose from), tap the record button and everything that’s on your screen, including touches, will be captured as a MPEG video.

A gentle search on the Google Play store provides a dozen Android apps that support screen recording for Android v5 or for other androids.

Some of the applications are free available in the goggle play store while others are paid but they mostly offer a similar set of features. You can record the screen as well the on-screen touches so the viewer has a better idea about the apps. This type of applications can record the external microphone audio but none of the apps will allowed recording of internal system audio.

The most popular screen recorder application for the android version option is Mirror that will not only record your Android screen but it can also mirror your phone on to your desktop using All Cast Receiver, mirror is a free app for Chrome. There are no complicated settings  in the applications to choose from, the recording is also very smooth but the big problem is that the applications adds a fair big watermark and you do not have any option to disable it from the screen recorder.


Shou.TV is another app of the screen recorder in the android upgraded version which can record and also live cast your phone screen to the desktop without the watermark. This is the only applications that can save the video in multiple formats including MKV, AVI and MOV.

The screen recorders of RivulusHecorat and Misty also let you record the Android screen in multiple resolutions. These applications add their icons in the notification window while the recording is working in the progress.

For the recording of the screen in the android mobile, Telecine is an open-source Android screen recorder with an uncomplicated interface. Telecine displays a 3-second countdown so you have enough time to hide the actual recorder applications from the screen cast. Also, you can stop a recording by tapping a invisible zone on your screen which is more suitable than tapping the app in the notification bar.

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