Undoubtedly, Android phone is the most popular alternative among the population (specially which belongs middle-class). Most number of people use their android phone only for voice calling, web surfing or enjoying music & videos. But there lies such handy features, hidden within the very same device, which can further add another dimensions to the utility of our android smartphone. Today I’ll reveal some of such wonderful features :


YES, it’s possible to write the complete message without doing individual taps upon the alphabets of the virtual keyboard. There are two methods of doing so :

1. Speech to Text


This feature enables the user to write the message just by dictation. The user have to dictate the sentence and the android phone will type it accordingly. Such an awesome facility it is.

2. Swipe Keyboard


In this method, the user first of all need to activate the Swipe Keyboard in his android device. This method enables the user to write the message by swiping his finger through the alphabets of the words (starting from first alphabet to last alphabet of the very same word).


It could be surprising for you but it is very much true that the our android phones can also do the job of the Remote Controller for us.

In order to use the android phone as the Remote Controller the user only need to download and install the Android TV Remote App from the Play Store.
Don’t think the things finishes here. The user’s control isn’t restricted upto TV only. YES, very similarly, the user, through the app, can remotely control the Temperature of AC too. Moreover, he can also direct the Electronic Door Control too.


If one doesn’t want to read the message then he can also command his phone to read it for him. The phone will read the message in a tone which’ll be comfortably audible by the normal human and the user can hear the content of the message.

In order to access this service from the android phone, the user,first of all, need to go to System and then into the Accessibility and TalkBack feature. There the user have to Turn ON the TalkBack feature.
This will enable the device to read all the content which is appearing on the screen of the phone.

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