Best 3 MBA Specializations: Finance, Marketing, HR

Whenever you want to go for choosing the M.B.A. specialization then it can be difficult and confusing at the decision to choose the corner for yourself or also deciding that from where you want to pursue your M.B.A. degree.

Here we discuss about the 3 M.B.A. specializations are:



If you want to M.B.A. with finance, then it does not lead only to invest bank and securities firms. It also offers numerous possibilities in the corporate field. Finance manager can also become the accounting manager who prepare the finance report of the company or financial analysis whose main focus on the financial strategies for the development and go about many management of the company.

“Finance Management is for people who are in love with numbers and balance sheet, have high-end analytical skills and are more comfortable working at the back-end of the company. Finance specialization in MBA can prepare you for exciting careers in investment banking, merchant banking, financial consultancies, financial institutions, and international finance”, says Ravi Jain, HR Professional with two decades of experience.

Those who do MBA in Finance can get the job in these fields:

  • Cash Managers
  • Risk and Insurance Managers
  • Credit Managers
  • Management Consultants
  • Investment Banking Associates and later Investment
  • Bankers
  • Treasurers and Finance Officers
  • Controllers (who prepare budget reports for regulatory agencies and business management, do audits and prepare cash management strategies)
  • The ‘C’ Position: ‘CFO’ or Chief Financial Officers supervise all financial and accounting operations, strategies, and policies of the company.



In India, marketing is the single most popular specialization amongst M.B.A. graduates. It is a hard-core front-end job and also it meant for leaders. MBA in marketing is very dynamic and competitive. You must need excellent communication skills, resources mobilization skill and underlying to expel to make it to the top-level position in the field of sales and marketing.

“MBA Marketing offers you a fast-paced career – full of responsibilities, challenges, and growth opportunities. From Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Consumer Durables, Non-Durables, Advertising, Market Research, Media, Sales & Distribution to Services Marketing, MBA in Marketing offers you excellent job options”, says Hari Mirchandani, marketing manager with five years of experience.

“Though MBA Finance has its own importance, MBA Marketing equips you better for a very critical activity of any business. In financial services sector too, success of products like loans and credit cards depends more on their marketing than their interest rates and charges. In Finance, you might need additional professional qualifications like CA and CS are needed to move ahead. In Marketing, it is the experience and results that count “, says Sumit Chaddha, who is pursuing MBA Marketing.

Marketing management might be a cup of tea for you if you have an outgoing and spontaneous personality, can influence people with we words and action and also live in the moment.

While doing MBA with marketing can lead you a fat pay package as branch manager, project ,manager, sales manager, marketing manager market research analyst, area/regional manager and even the position of chief marketing officers.

Due to the marketing background a large chunk for the position of CEO in top MNC’s are dominated.


Human Resources:

In the corporate world human resources or HR manager is a ringmaster of the business from recruitment and selection of personnel to deciding comparison to employee training and development to job analysis and performance Appraisals. Those candidates who choose MBA in HR can also develop themselves as industrial relations manager in multinational and global companies it developing cross-cultured working environment which are highly specialized job.

HRM is concerned with the internal marketing of the company. The credit for all things are depends on HR like how your employee works for you and how well they understand the HR policies. Currently, India has notices that there are big changes in the way people way people view HR professionals. Their salary package is getting day to day fatter and educational institutions are known for their HR programs for corporate world are getting adequate support.

MBA in HR, the average salary of the candidates in MDT gurgaon was 8 lakh Euro per annum. In MBA there are only 10% aspirants choose HR as their specialization field, it seems that there is higher level of corporate interest in marketing and finance. But the truth is that, you offer high quality circumference with an expert faculty program and also you will find several good career option in the global market if you do HR from a good B-school.


Your specialization in MBA is totally depending on your personality, skills and career goals. The traditional fields which always remain popular is marketing and finance.

Those who prefer to crunch number and our comfortable relegating to the background with finance specialization. Those candidates choose marketing as their specializations who had to interact with client, creative and innovative and can influence their client easily.

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