Best Password Manager 2017 | How to use

Password Manager is best option to secure your confidential data from hackers.but today hackers more aware and effective.So we need more hi-tech security. Lots of Awesome Password Manager option provided below and also how to use it.

Now days, Security is a big issue, because it is way to secure his files and important documents from the unauthorized access. Various types of websites are providing the various types of security software for secure the data. Many of user loss his data because he use the very short and easy keys for secure his data to this after using the security software his files are lost. So if you wan t to secure his data then use the Tough and strong password and for making the strong password you use the different keys such as: a capital latter, a small letter, a numeric keys, symbol keys, etc. and your password size is more than 8 characters. So, to ease the process, you can use a password manager.

By using the password managers helps to keep your log in related information for every website you usually use and also helps you log in them automatically.

Never Reuse Password:

Password Reuse is a significant problem as many password leaks occur even on large websites. When there is password leaks, the illegal individuals have an email-id along with the username as well as password combination which they can use for other websites.

Those persons who spent the lot of time on the internet and it have lots of account while the person may have about ten of various passwords. The best way is to use the password manager which generates both secure and random passwords for you and also keeps in the record in case you don’t recall them.

How Using Password Manager Feels Like:

Whenever you use the password manager in your website for the security purpose then it will release a stress on the brain which can be used in other productive work rather than remembering different passwords.

After using the password manager in your website then you easily log in your website. In the another case, if you create a new password then at that time password manager provide the combinations of key which is used by a password and secure your data from the unauthorized access. It can be easily configured to fill the information automatically.

Password manager to use

In current time, lots of website provides the facility of password managers with more benefits. But all of these mainly three benefits stand out the great options. These options are a impressive options in the password managers.

Dash lane

This password manager come with the lots of features and it work on the various platforms, such as: Windows, OS X, iPhone, Android, and others. They have add-on in different browser and feature like a security dashboard which analyses your different password and they even come with an automatic password changer that can be use to change various passwords for you.

It is one of the important features of Dash lane is that it is absolutely free to use on any single device.

In the case of security, it provides the different advantages as you can choose to keep all your passwords locally on your own computer instead of a cloud.

Last pass

This is one of the cloud-based password managers which comes with add-ons, and these facility is use in different platform : mobile apps and even comes with desktop apps for every browsers and OS you wish to use.

Last Pass stores your different passwords on its server in an encrypted form. Last Pass couldn’t even see your passwords even if they wish to.

Kee pass:

Last Pass is not fit for the every person because few people are not comfortable with a cloud –based password manager and it is understandable. This password manager is entirely a popular desktop application to keep your passwords in managed fashion. It also has browser add-ons along with mobile apps for Kee Pass. Kee pass is an open-source application, so can still edit and audit its code in case you wish to. The only drawback is that you persist to be responsible for your different passwords, and it is you have to sync them between different devices; you have to do it manually.

Way to start the password manager

The crucial decision which you have to take in case of a password manager is selecting your master password. This master password has controls to access your complete password manager database, and this master password should be strong as it is the only password that you will require to remember. in case you get stuck in situations like you are quite serious, and you may wish to keep your password in your bank vault.

After install any password manager software into your system then you have to start changing your websites password with a more secure password which is not access by the unauthorized access. Password manager also provide you the ability to store different types of data in a secure format such as credit card.

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