BHIM: Modi ji Launched Digital Payment App


In India, 2016 will be remembered as the year which witnessed the boldest decision of the government i.e. the demonetization of ₹500 and ₹1000 notes. The Prime Minister allowed the period of fifty (50) days for the civilians either to exchange the old notes or to deposit the demonized notes in the banks. Definitely, this decision impacted the lives of almost every Indian. Lack of cash remained the biggest problem during these 50 days. Meanwhile, PM also disclosed his wish of making India a cashless society and asked the countrymen to use digital payments. After this many IT Experts questioned this decision citing India have weak cyber security. But on the 50th day of the demonetization i.e. on December 30, 2016, PM came up with the solution of this problem i.e. BHIM (launched by Indian Govt.


On Friday, while attending the Digi Dhan Program PM Modi unveiled his latest gift for the countrymen. In order to promote the exercise of making digital payments, the Prime Minister gifted a mobile application viz. BHIM. The extended form of BHIM is BHarat Interface for Money. He told that the government will soon launch such a technology through which one can make digital payments without using internet. The most interesting fact is that the BHIM will allow to do digital payments just by using the thumb-print of the user. The same thumb-print which once was the symbol of illiteracy will now become the base of digital payment. The thumb-print will be adequate for making the digital transactions.


  1. BHIM will work on UPI Based Payment System.
  2. It will neither require the account number of the user nor the IFSC code.
  3. It is developed by National Payment Corporation of India.
  4. The user need to register his/her account number just once.
  5. After registration, a UPI pin code will be generated and thereafter the mobile number of the user will be treated as the payment address.
  6. In case of unavailability of Internet, the user can operate this app just by dialing USD code to 99.


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