Now, Graphic Design or Communication Design have become very popular. Within the domain of Graphic Design several disciplines like graphical, painting, animation, typography, photography, audio-visual techniques, packaging and printing techniques reside. This field is much more specialized as compared to Fine Arts. Graphic Design is capable of making creative embroidery and with the simpleness of its creativity it also meets the requirements of the clients too.

In Graphic Design, basically, the accomplishments of the commercial objectives is done by applying various arts which includes photography and typography too. In brief, Graphic Design includes the formatting of texts and pictures, ad designing (online & offline), making of posters, websites, sales broacher, stationary, packaging, POPs (Point Of Purchase material) and outdoor media like hoarding preparation.


Even today, the price of the traditional handmade articles are comparatively costlier in the market.
In this modern age, computers have become necessary tool for every graphic designer. With the help of computers, various works of graphic designing can be easily accomplished through special designing softwares of computer. Arts colleges include a separate course viz. Computer Graphics & Animation as a basic course in their curriculum.
Since, Graphics Software Technology upgrades regularly. Therefore, one should mandatorily ensure that the trainer is training him/her for working upon the latest version.

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