How To Receive FB Messenger Like POPUP Notifications In WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger and Facebook owned WhatsApp Messenger are, surely, very popular instant messengers of the world. Millions of people across both of the aforesaid instant messengers for sharing text messages, images, GIFs, videos, etc. We know that whenever the Facebook Messenger app receives a message, it, responsively, notifies the user through a bubble-shaped popup which […]

MHA Mobile Application

MHA Mobile App is a very commendable and equally serviceable smartphone application engineered to receive and address the complaints or grievances of the personnel of all of the Central Police Armed Forces. This praiseworthy mobile application will establish a direct and digital link between the personnel of CPAFs. Ministry of Home Affairs MHA Mobile App […]

Ransomware : How To Protect The System

Ransomware, the most fear-provoking demon of the cyber world (currently), has purposefully attacked thousands of systems of the technologically advanced countries like UK, Russia, China, Taiwan, etc. The name of this global ransomware is WannsCry which have attacked and is attacking the systems running on Windows Operating System. This very recent attack is the World’s […]