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Correct Name, Address, Date-Of-Birth In Aadhaar

Aadhaar Self-Service Update Portal is a hugely relieving and equally admirable portal for those nationals whose Aadhaars are carrying mistakes like incorrect Date-Of-Birth, Address, Gender, spelling mistakes in names, e-mail addresses and mistakes in phone numbers. In this article, you’ll read the step-by-step procedure of doing corrections in Aadhaar.




  1. First of all, open the official website [ ].


  1. Click on the virtual button viz. Self-Service Update Portal.


  1. Now, the person has to provide his Aadhaar Number.


  1. Now, an OTP (One Time Password) will come on the registered mobile number of the aforesaid person.


  1. This person has to supply the received OTP and, subsequently, has to go to Update Portal.


  1. Now, he will receive an Aadhaar Data Update request after which he need to select that category which he want to update/correct.


  1. After this selection, the Aadhaar Update Form will appear on the screen.


  1. Now, the person can make the required corrections/updates.


  1. In case of Name or Address correction, the person need to correctly type the Name or Address in English as well as in Hindi.


  1. After doing the corrections, recheck the details carefully and, finally, click on SUBMIT button.


NOTE : Registered Mobile Number is that mobile number which the person had supplied while making of his Aadhaar card and it is necessary that this registered mobile number must be active at this time he visits Self-Service Update Portal. If the person has changed his number then he must, first of all, go to Aadhaar Enrollment Centre, in order to change his registered number.


After doing the corrections, the person require to supply the self-attested Xerox copies of some documents so that the officials can verify that your feeded informations are correct.


It’s of equal importance to know that if the person have done multiple corrections then supplying the Xerox of only one document will not be enough. It’s preferably better to submit different documents for verification of different corrections.



For Correction in Name

If a person has corrected his name then he need to submit the self-attested photocopies of either Voter ID Card or PAN Card or Ration Card or Driving Licence, etc. Apart from these, a person can use some other documents too. A person can enquire about the acceptable documents by visiting the Aadhaar Self-Attested Service portal.

NOTE : He has to submit anyone of the abovementioned documents.



For Date-Of-Birth Correction

If a person has corrected his Date-Of-Birth then he need to submit the self-attested photo-states of either Birth Certificate or Passing Certificate of Intermediate or Passport.

NOTE : He has to submit anyone of the abovementioned documents.



For Address Correction

If a person has corrected his address then he require to submit the self-attested Xerox copies of either Ration Card or Passport or Post Office Account Passbook or Bank Passbook orVoter ID Card or Bank Statement.

NOTE : He has to submit anyone of the abovementioned documents.

For other corrections there is no need to submit any sort of document.

After uploading the required documents the person need to select the appropriate BPO Service Provider and submit the request following which he will receive the Request Number. The person has to keep this received Request Number securely.