Cyber Security in India

Indian government have decided to ban the use of platforms like gmail, yahoo mail, etc. for information exchange in all of its offices. Now, the employees serving in such offices aren’t allowed to use computers installed within the premises for emailing via private internet service conferrers (like gmail, yahoo mail, ect.) instead they have to use the government’s official e-mail service for emailing purpose. A new governmental e-mail service is made and the e-mail id of all the employees working in public sectors will be integrated to National Information Centre (NIC).

In our country (India), the range of cyberspace is continuously broadening. According to a report, between 2004 to 2014, the density of wireless telecommunication services have increased from 5% to 75% and the range of internet have reached to 15 crore users. Apart from private communication, nowadays, working of various other sectors like  banking, finance, transportation, security & industries are also dependent upon the internet. From broadcasting of informational & entertainment programs to criticle information regarding national security all are entirely dependent upon this cyberspace.

But the vulnerable aspect of the cyberspace is that the critical information related to respective fields can also be misused. Hackers residing anywhere in this world can hack our important or private information and can misuse them too.

It is heard that the countries which are militarily superior and technologically advanced, as compared to us, have utilized this openness and internet freedom in ordèr to attain their respective political goals.

We shouldn’t forget that the servers of services like gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are located in America. It means the messages we send/receive on such platforms transfer through these servers. Under such circumstances, if the official communication between the different departments of the government itself take place through ‘gmail’ like e-mail services then the sensitive and key informations of our can easily be served to those nations.

Leaking of some of the America’s sensitive informations due to snowden business is described as the main reason behind this appreciable decision of the government to give a made in India government’s own e-mail service to all of its departments so as to ensure the safety of the information exchange.

The often leaking of personal informations of facebook users have proved that the preparations of such services isn’t foolproof. And leaking nations’ secret and security related informations is can be prove much more disastrous. Therefore, banning gmail from the governmental offices is a correct and equally appreciable move.

The government need to prepare such a podium of e-mail services with which the associated servers should remain within the country. It will give two benefits :

1).           None of the information will go outside.

2).           Any source of criminal or terrorist act can be easily probed with the help of these servers located within the country.


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