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Distance Education : Details & Benefits

Distance Learning

Distance Education has gained enough popularity in the recent years. Terms like ‘Distance Learning’ or ‘Study through Correspondence’ are also used to address Distance Education. This innovative education system has really come up as a blessing for those who’re serving in a firm and want to further enhance their qualification level.

Distance Education system is very contrasting from the traditional method of earning degrees. This admirable education system is very helpful not for working employees but also for those who’re restrained because of reasons like shortage of money, distance or time.


Distance Learning provides such aspirants to pursue their dreams without consuming ample of time and money. Distance Learning is such a form of acquiring education in which there are no classrooms and the student doesn’t need to be on the same place where the teacher is but still it manages to effectively educate the student and fulfill the required course work from the remote locations.

How Distance Learning Educates ?

With the passage of time, Distance Education method has gone through a significant evolution and now, it utilizes many of the developed technologies to ensure purposeful and effective education of its students.

Print Technology

It’s the most common and most preferred way of learning used by Distance Learners. Fax technology is also used to send the study materials to the student so that he can take get required amount of help while learning,

Apart from this, Handbooks, Study Guides, Hand-outs and, most commonly, Text books are also used by such learners in order to earn ample of knowledge about the subjects.

Videos Technology

Videos have seriously helped the distance learners to get the knowledge about the subject through video lectures. It really made people believe that attaining education without going to traditional classrooms is quite possible.





Students who’re facilitated with fast internet connections can easily receive the teacher’s instructions by streaming the video lectures while the students who don’t have this luxurious facility and have slow internet connection can firstly download the video lecture and then receive the guidance of the teacher.

Students hear and simultaneously watch what the lecturer is trying to explain and this makes easier to understand what the teacher is illustrating and therefore, video technology is playing a great role in making the distance learners seriously proficient in their domain.


Computer is, indeed, the most revolutionary tool which made the Distance Education/Learning very convenient and easy. The distance learners can easily search the required study material on World Wide Web and can further explore the subject through this blessing.


More impressively, with the advent of technologies like Video Conferencing the teachers and their students can easily and effectively interact with each other and discuss the topic and even the entire subject. Teacher can deliver lectures on a particular topic and student can do cross-questioning wherever he want and can clarify his doubts and confusions.

Moreover, the teachers can also email the study materials to the student to further assist him and can chat with him too in order to know about the student’s subject relevant problems so that the teacher can give him a proper guidance.


Benefits of Distance Education

  1. Money Saving

One of the prominent benefits of distance learning is that the learner can save a significant amount of money by opting for distance education.

As there is no requirement of any mandatory school/college uniform so, obviously, the money consumes on arranging the uniform is easily saved and the distant learner gets relieved.

Distant learner also doesn’t need to report to college daily for attending lectures, as the case for regular students, so definitely, a substantial amount of transportation cost gets saved.


  1. Time Saving

The time wastes on travelling from residence to college campus and finally, on returning from college to residence is substantial and inevitable in case of traditional method of studying.

While distant learner doesn’t require to go to college and therefore he is completely relieved of it and hence, a noticeable amount of money is saved by a distant learner.


  1. Freedom

Some of the students learn better through reading books while some others grasp the concepts better through videos. Distance learning programs gives this freedom to the students that they can prefer a medium of their will in order to learn the concepts.

The learners who feels more comfortable with books can go with books while the students who prefer to learn through videos can go with their choice too.


  1. Self-Scheduled Study

With distance learning system, the students can himself decide that how he want to study the subject. He can choose the topics which he want to study first and then can go with his choice.

A distant learner can prepare a complete schedule comprising of which topics he want to study first and which subsequently and which finally and then he can move the self-made schedule.


  1. Study Anytime

One of the most admirable benefits of distance learning is that it gives a liberty to its students to study anytime by his will. Whenever the student want to study a particular topic he can access the required study material using internet and can study.

Students who possess better understanding with video-lectures are independent to access it anytime using internet and can grasp the concepts and study.