The Election Commission of India has taken a very welcoming and pleasing step in order to make the conduction of elections in India much more fairer. The Commission has launched an smartphone application and named it ECI App.

This app is basically a bouquet which in itself contains all the official apps of the sustaining election bodies. The ECI App is comprised of six sections, off which all have their own and mutually different purpose.


ECI App offers the services like Election Commission’s notifications, searching the nearest possible Polling Booth, making the submission of Grievances, providing the names and details of the contesting candidates, finding the name in voters list, dates of past elections, affidavits, etc.
Moreover, this official app of Election Commission will also provide the RESULT of the elections of five states on the Day of Counting.
The ECI App has been developed by the IT Cell of the Election Commission and the Deputy Commissioners.

For Download ECI APP

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