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Facebook Will Launch Free Version Of Workplace

Facebook, after successfully establishing Workplace as a considerable messaging service for businesses, is going to launch the FREE version of the very same service viz. Workplace. With this move, Facebook’s Workplace messaging service is all set to give intense competition to Slack.

The upcoming Standard free version of Workplace service will be very functional and purposeful

  1. It’ll give the facility of chatting, as it’s a messaging service, for its users.
  2. Very impressively, users can make video calls one-to-one as well as in groups using this service.
  3. Furthermore, voice calls can also be done by the its users through this messaging service.
  4. More importantly, this commendable service will provide Video Streaming too.

Apart from these, Workplace messaging service can be used through Android as well as iOS devices and more pleasingly, this admirable service can be utilized by desktop users too. Facebook company is efforting to establish its product as much more preferable in the business world.

Facebook company launched Workplace as a messaging service for businesses in 2016. At that time, Facebook firm introduced paid version of Workplace. This year, the company will launch the Free version of this service which will further enhance its popularity in the business world.