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Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi In India

Facebook Express Wi-Fi

Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi service has started to operate. With this very new service Facebook is aiming to make internet accessible for the people of such rural areas of the country where people, yet, are deprived of a facilitative service like internet.

Express Wi-Fi of Facebook is a newly started initiative of Facebook company and with this service the company will provide the internet data through Public Hotspot in the rural areas of the country. Unlike Free Basics, the Express Wi-Fi of Facebook works on paid model.

Facebook company, in order to accomplish this new goal, has partnered with Airtel. According to their target, the Airtel will implant more than 20,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots within the next few months. As it is a paid model, so the users, according to their requirement, can take either weekly or monthly data pack and can access the internet.

Facebook’s officials has professed that with the help of Express Wi-Fi facility, Facebook want to avail the internet connectivity for those sections of society which are, so far, deprived of this privilege. This exciting service of Facebook firm is available in states viz. Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Gujarat and Uttarakhand with the help of around 700 Public Hotspots.