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Facebook’s New Gift For Its Users

Unarguably, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site of this world. The number of active users of Facebook social site are increasing day by day which is, indeed, gladdening for Facebook site. Every now and then the company comes up with some new and seriously interesting features. Facebook’s Live Video feature is already a hugely popular and widely utilized feature.

Now, Facebook social networking site is going to make two new, interesting and lovable additions in its Live Video feature. Let see what are they :

  1. The first of the two additions will allow the users to chat while watching live videos. After the implementation of this interesting addition, the Facebook users will become able to chat with their friends while streaming Facebook’s Live Video. Presently, the user while streaming the Live Videos can see the comments given by the other users which is already a likeable experience.

But after the addition of this new and very unique feature the Facebook’s live video streaming experience become much more facilitative and enjoyable. The users, while streaming Facebook’s Live Video, can chat privately with their Facebook friends and there’ll be no communication barrier at all.

  1. Apart from this, Facebook site is also planning to initiate a Joint Live Streaming for all of its users which is another commendable service. Using this, the users will become able to share their Screen to another location. Initially, this great feature was available for Public Figures like Religious Leaders, political leaders and other popular personalities but now Facebook is going to avail it to all and sundry.