For ensuring a secure career, usually the students, after completing the schools, runs either towards engineering or for doctor. However, in this very same world, there exists such creative fields which offer substantial amount opportunities.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY is also one of them. If someone is fittingly creative and also possesses interest in photography then there is great scope for him in the domain of Food Photography.
IF YOU CAN SHOOT FOOD, YOU CAN SHOOT ANYTHING, is merely a saying in English Literature but in some sense it is very correct because the Food Photography, in itself, contains multiple challenging tasks. Moreover, factors like time limitation and prop’s correct utilization make it more difficult.

But yet, there are some passionate youngsters who enjoy this challenging works. If you are too as much passionate for photography and food then this field is perfect for you.
It is an exceptional working domain in which various food’s dishes are photographed in such a way that they (dishes) appear unusually appealing in the 2-Dimensional photographs.


While clicking a photo, the photographer need to be seriously watchful with the food’s colour and texture. Along with this, the very same photographer is responsible for the food’s styling and accessorizing of the food too.
The interested students first of all need to take admission into the Bachelor of Fine Arts (post to their Intermediate). And after becoming the Graduate in Bachelor of Fine Arts they have to go for Master’s Degree in the very same discipline. Finally, after concluding Master of Fine Arts, one can pursue his dreams.
Alternatively, the Graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts can also study Degree or Diploma Course in Mass Communication or Post Graduated Diploma in Cinematography or Certificate Course in Still Photography & Visual Communication or Diploma Course In Basic & Advance Photography. After concluding the Basic Education in Photography the interested person can also opt for the Specialization in Food Photography.
Food Photography plays a great role in marketing and advertisement of the restaurants and that’s why, the photographer needs to seriously observe the colour, texture and presentation of the prepared dish.

The photographer himself has to decide that from which angle he should click the photograph so that the dish appear delightingly fresh and delicious on the print. Sometimes, to make the dish much more appealing the styling of the dish is also done. And the help of accessories, props and lighting is also taken in order to make the seen look better.
For gaining the success into the field of Food Photography, the candidate must possess the passion for photography coupled with the good knowledge for food. Apart from this, the food photographer should also be blessed with the some aesthetic sense and colour & composition.

More importantly, there is time boundation for the photographer in this field, so, he must be capable of producing quality output in limited time.
One can start his career by working as a trainee under the supervision of an established Food Photographer. Further, after gaining adequate amount of professional experience, he can work for Hotels & Restaurants, Dairy & Ice-Cream Companies, Food Manufacturers, Exports, Life-Style Magazines, Newspapers, Cook Books, Food based TV Channels, etc.

After establishing himself in this field, the Food Photographer can also do Freelancing too.
Usually, the Food Photographer works on contractual basis and may charge Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 60,000 for the shoot of One Day. However, the fees of a Food Photographer mostly depends upon their experience and their position in the market.
1. The Light and Life Academy (LLA)
2. Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia
3. Osmania University
4. Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT)
5. A. J. Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre
6. Sir J. J. School of Applied Art, Mumbai
7. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University
8. The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation
9. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication
10.College of Art, University of Delhi •

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