Gadgets are harmful ? How

In todays age, the craze of tablets, laptops & PCs is obvious in the people of almost all age groups. Effecient use of such gadgets may give some advantages too. But for the children of 3-5 years, use of these gadgets may prove disastrous.

According to Doctors, children spending lot of time with tablets, laptops, etc. stay away from physical activities which may cease their mental development. According to some of the researchers, such lifestyle is potent of imparting changes in the behaviour of the children.

Dr. Anshul Jain (Senior doctor of Fortis Hospital) says,”If children spend long time with such gadgets then they may suffer linguistic problems. Due to this, children start living in virtual world.”

Kids use tablets or PCs for gaming purpose. Some of these games are violent also which may encourage violent behaviour in children too. Beside these mental harms children may encounter some physical problems too. Stairing small screen for long time may affect the eyes due to which vision related problems may occur.

However, many people doesn’t consider tablets/PCs harmful for children. Tech expert Chanakya Bhatiya says,”In today’s changing world, knowledge of gadgets is equally important for children. Now days every work is done through computers, so computer literacy is very important.

Balaji Hospital’s psychologist, Dr. Prashant Goel says,”Due to interaction with tablets, PCs, children’s social life may get affected. This may impact their individual development too. If you have offered the internet service on your children’s gadget then they may reach to some of the prohibited sites.” Hence, its important to wait for the right time to come. You should allow children to use such gadgets only when they reach to their appropriate age.

Nowadays, due to gadgets’ impact, number of outdoor games for the children have reduced to least. Outdoor games are very important for the physical development of the children. Thus, along with use of gadgets, outdoor games should also be included in the daily routine of the children.

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