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If we look back at past 10 years of the technological field then perhaps we acknowledge that the most innovative technologies and devices have got invented in this very period. However, in present world, being innovative only doesn’t guarantees success. In fact, the innovation needs to be unique too. Let’s discuss some of the innovated technologies & gadgets of the past ten years which won the hearts of almost everyone owing to their uniqueness.


In 2007, the launch of Apple iPhone shaked the remaining mobile phone manufacturing companies. They were in need of such a mobile operating system which can compete with iOS. And then Android operating system emerged as solution.


Initially, Android was created as an open source operating system for cameras but in 2005 Google bought it and subsequently, launched it as mobile operating system in 2008. After its launch, Android OS became the first choice of many mobile manufacturing companies. Consequently, it gained almost 80% of the market shares. It opened a new door for the companies who were characteristic producers of the cheaper mobile phones. And as a result, technology reached in the hands of the common man.


In past 10 years, among all the gadgets the most conspicuous change has came in our phones which has now graduated to SMART.


Today, our phone is not restricted to a communication device only, in fact, it is proving effectively helpful in performing a number of works ranging from entertainment to banking. It won’t be wrong to say that our phones have now become a portable computers for us and day by day their capabilities are increasing too. On observing the speedy development of the smartphones, it can be said that in the forthcoming years, our smartphones will be our identification and our wallet too.


Indeed, iPhone completely changed the mobile phone’s experience. It was launched in 2007 by Apple.


Its elegant touchscreen, easy user interface and other magnificent features setted new standards for mobile phone designing. Later, in 2008 when Apple unveiled its AppStore then the huge collection of apps left the people surprised. After some years of AppStore’s launch, Google launched its ‘PlayStore’.


When Apple launched iPad in 2010, then people started to discuss that whether this device can replace the laptops effectively.


Subsequently, iPad proved itself an appropriate alternative of the laptops in many of the senses. There was enough competition in its own segment but this device remained the most popular product of its segment. However, later Android Tablets left the iPads far behind in this very segment and the core reason behind this was the incredibly cheaper cost of Android Tablets as compared to iPads. Now, Apple is making efforts to replace the computers by its iPad Pro.


Amazon Kindle is basically an eBook reader.


At the time of launch, Amazon Kindle was neither the only one product of its type nor it was possessing any elegant look. In fact, at that time, there was only Sony Reader which was very expensive and consequently it was far away from the reach of common people. Amazon released its products at very affordable prices and due to which common people got a complete library. And people kept their hobby of reading continued with the help of this technological innovation. One can easily read online novels, newspapers, magazines, books, etc.


With the help of this very technology, today it is possible for us to access internet while staying in home, office, airport, railway station, public places, coffee shops, shopping malls, etc.


Wi-Fi hotspot technology neither requires any modem nor any wired connections and yet allows us internet access. Owing to this technology we are moving towards becoming a Mobile Society.


Virtual Reality refers to an experience which feels real but remains inexistent, in reality. If you want to see London then with the help of VR Headsets image will be shown to you in such a manner that it’ll make you feel as you’re stood in London.

Along with VR Headsets, used for gaming, joysticks are also provided. One can also enjoy the video (sent through local network) directly through the VR Headset. But mostly, it is used with mobile phones. This technology launched in 2010 and now have become very popular.


Some years ago, we were required to sit with our gaming partner, at same place, while playing video games. But the concept of online gaming has completely changed the gaming experience.


Now, it’s possible to play the online games through any internet supporting device against any other online gamer, sitted in anywhere in the world. Certainly, online video gaming is hugely popular amongst the youngsters.


Surely, the entry of 4G services in India is very recent affair but indeed it is one of the most magnificent innovations.


This service has smoothed and quickened the tasks like IP telephony, online gaming, HD mobile TV, video conferencing and cloud computing. However, 4G service is in its initially phase in India but certainly it will cause conspicuous impact on our lives.