Get SMS Alerts for Gmail Via Twitter

How do you get SMS notifications on your mobile phone for important emails in your Gmail? Google doesn’t support text notifications for their email service but Twitter does. If we can figure out a way to connect our Twitter and Gmail accounts, the Gmail notifications can arrive as text on our mobile via Twitter. Let me explain:

Google does not provide the type of facility that if have come to any type of important email on your Gmail account and his aware by the SMS notification but Twitter does.

Twitter allows this facility that any user know the any notification on the twitter by the text SMS. They provide short codes for all countries (see list) and by using the short codes you get the SMS notification on your Mobile phones. It has the different different codes for the every country, so any user by using the related countries code using this facility.

These short code services of twitter can similar perform as a Gmail SMS notifies. If you create any twitter account then set the privacy to private and this account will send a tweet when get a new email in Gmail. Follow this account via SMS from your main Twitter account and the SMS notifications will start effusion in.


Now, we aware you step by step that how to use twitter to get SMS notification for important email in your Gmail account. it monitors your Gmail mailbox in the background and as soon as a new message arrives in your account, the script sends out a tweet.

  1. Firstly, you log out of your current existing Twitter account and then go to the twitter sign up page to create a new Twitter account for your Gmail account.
  2. After Confirm your email address, then open the Twitter settings page and check the option“Protect My Tweets.” This will make your Gmail notifications private and neither search engines nor other Twitter users will be able to see tweets generated through Gmail.
  3. Now click here to copy the Google Sheet and choose Authorize under the Gmail to Twittermenu. Remember to authorize with your new Twitter account.
  4. After the authorization, choose Start from the Gmail to Twitter menu and enter your Gmail search query. Click OK.

After following these steps, Gmail notifies is running and found the matching account and after that every 10-15 minute and will only work on incoming email, not send the previous message. The messages will also be logged in the Google Sheet so you know what’s happening behind the scene.


Now, forget the SMS alert, firstly open a browser Incognito mode, and log in the previous twitter account and send a request to your new Gmail account on twitter. After that approve the account, and see tweets for new Gmail messages, as they arrive, in your main Twitter timeline.

Should you wish to receive SMS alerts on your mobile phone for new Gmail messages, just open the Twitter profile page of your Gmail both and turn on Mobile Notifications.

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