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Google’s Neural Machine Translation Can Translate More Accurately

Google's Neural Machine Translation

Google’s Neural Machine Translation, the newest and significantly better version of Google Translation, has been launched by Google firm in order to perform the translations between English and India’s 9 Regional languages.

The name of these regional languages are Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Bangla, Kannad, Punjab, Telegu and Hindi (which is also the national language of India). Neural Machine Translation translates from English to any of the aforesaid regional languages and, impressively, it’s significantly competent of producing grammatically more accurate translations.


Google has integrated this Neural Machine Translation facility with its Google Chrome Browser which enables the users to translate the entire webpage into their regional language and read and understand the content in a more comfortable and easier way.

India is a country where people, belonging to different regions, prefers their own regional language for communications (wherever possible). Among the Indians, who used to surf internet, a remarkably large number of people prefers to surf in their respective regional languages and likes to read the content in the same regional language. That’s why, the amount of internet users, who surf in India’s regional languages, is greater than the English surfers. This new facility will, certainly, boost such regional surfers and make them understand the contents in  better way.

Apart from producing grammatically more accurate translations, the Neural Machine Translation facility also allows the users to edit the content too which, surely, makes it very facilitative and equally admirable.