Finally, the number the of seats has been increased in the Hajj Quota. The incremented number of seats is 34,500. But, despite this provision, the number of applications is yet less than the previous year’s number.

As Uttar Pradesh (U. P.) is the state having the maximum Muslim population, so obviously it will receive the most number of seats out of this 34,500 increased seats. That’s why, there is substantial probability of witnessing increase in the number of applications.
According to the guidelines issued by the Hajj Committee of India the last date for the submission of applications is 6th February 2017. Earlier the last date for the application submission was 24th January 2017 but now it is extended upto 6th February, 2017.

Previous year (i.e. in 2016) the number of applications received from U. P. alone was 34 thousand. However, only 22 thousand applicants got the chance of going for Hajj which left the remaining 12 thousands in melancholy.

Thankfully, the number of seats has been increased this time, so it is expected that nobody will feel himself to be hapless this time. But fascinatingly, the amount of received applications is way behind the expected number. However, the officials are optimistic and hoping that there will be increase in the applications in the upcoming days.

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