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Hamrahi : India’s First Solar Powered E-Rickshaw

Hamrahi Solar Powered E-Rickshaw

Hamrahi Solar Powered E-Rickshaw is India’s first such an e-rickshaw which can be charged using the solar energy of the Sun. This very proficient solar powered e-rickshaw is developed by Lohia Auto Industries which showcased this latest and very competent Hamrahi Solar Powered E-Rickshaw in Smart City Expo 2017 event organized in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

This new, sensational and very commendable solar powered vehicle is, indeed, a blessing for the countrymen as it will play a seriously admirable role in doing eco-friendly transportations with minimum expenditure and, at the same time, staying unbothered about charging levels of battery.

The ordinary E-Rickshaws which has earned a great popularity, as compared to other public transportation mediums, with the passage of time is charged by using conventional electrical energy which is, surely, eco-friendly but less efficient (in comparison to solar energy).

With presently running e-rickshaws, the driver need to always keep his eyes on the charging levels of the battery and can only go up to a limited distance because if the battery gets exhausted in between the way then it’ll become extremely difficult for the driver to carry the vehicle to its destination.

Hamrahi Solar E-Rickshaw, showcased in Smart City Expo 2017, has a very purposeful and equally admirable solution of this headache. This very commendable vehicle can be charged while running (if it’s sunny day) which is, surely, very facilitative and equally praiseworthy addition.

Solar Powered E-Rickshaw (Hamrahi) possesses greater efficiency (as compared to ordinary e-rickshaws)and has a very long-lasting life-cycle of 10 Years, which certainly very welcoming. Moreover, the solar panels used in Hamrahi e-rickshaw increased its mileage by 10 – 15 per cent which another pleasing fact.