The prevailing App Ecosystem of Google Play Store have applications for almost every sort of stuffs. This is also a reason, why Android users immediately switch towards Play Store whenever they need to extract any unusual work from their Android device.
For example, for hiding a particular image, video or any other file, many android users opt for installing a specific App. However, there always exists a feature in the very same phone which enables the phone to hide the selected files & folders. It’s time to know :



1. First of all, open the Menu and tap upon the File Manager icon.
2. Consequently, a new page will open in which there’ll be two Options (a) Phone Memory & (b) SD Card.
3. Clicking on any of the options will show the list of the stored Folders.
4. Three dots like (…) will also remain present either on top or at bottom of the same screen.
5. Tapping on will open a box below which New Folder will be readable.
6. Click on the aforementioned box and give a Name the new folder.
7. Mandatorily, put the ( · ) character before the first letter of the folder you’re going to Name.
8. The newly created folder remains HIDDEN BY DEFAULT.


1. For this, firstly, if the newly created folder is in Phone memory then brows to Phone memory and if that folder is in SD card then brows to it.
2. Now, again tap upon the three dots (…) which will pop-up a menu containing either the option of Hide System Files or Show Hidden Folders.
3. Uncheck the Hide System Files or Tap on Show Hidden Files.
4. This will make the newly created folder visible to you and now one can easily save the images, videos or other files in this folder.
5. Now, again click on the three dots (…) and select Don’t Show Hidden Files.

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