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How To Access The Files Locked By App Lock

How To Access The Files Locked By App Lock

Nobody wants to publicise his private messages and other contents. That’s why almost every smartphone user utilizes the App Locks in order to keep some of the apps of his smartphone locked. App Locks itself are the smartphone applications which prevents others from accessing the apps of smartphones.

Smartphone users, in order to lock some of the applications of smartphone, download and, subsequently, install the App Lock and then they become able to lock those apps which they want. But sometimes, the owner himself forgets the PIN or Pattern and, consequently, all of his locked contents remain locked and become inaccessible.

Now, if the user hasn’t locked the Settings then he can recover the locked contents by the below mentioned steps :

  1. First of all, open the Phone Settings.
  2. Subsequently, click on Apps.
  3. Now, search the App Lock and do tap on it.
  4. On the newly appearing window, one can see a virtual button viz. Force Stop.
  5. Click on this Force Stop named button.
  6. Now, a popup message will appear in which the user have to tap on OK and that’s all.
  7. Now, the user can access his locked files and contents.