How to Clean Electronic Gadgets

Often our computers, laptops or smartphones starts demonstrating improper functioning owing to improper cleaning and lack of maintenance. The system gets overheated and sometimes even its performance gets affected.

When we buy a new device, we used to look after it quite carefully during initial days but after some days we become careless with the same device. Today we are going to give you some useful tips by which you can ensure the satisfactory performance of your device.


If the keyboards of the laptops (and of the desktops too) is not going through proper cleaning then after sometime the deposition of the dust can be easily seen around its keys. While cleaning the keyboards, first of all we should TURN OFF the laptop-desktop. Then, after taking two drops of alcohol on the ear bud we should clean the device with soft hands.

One should never shower the cleaner directly upon the gadgets. Whenever you wish to clean your laptop you should use appropriate cloth, cotton or ear bud. Their use will protect your gadgets’ screen from harmful effects of the cleaner. You can also use the Liquid Solution for cleaning the screen. For cleaning of laptop’s screen ‘microfibre clothes’ should be used.

If the dusts get deposited in the battery of the laptop then the system may get overheated. Therefore, its requisite to clean the battery on every two months or per month. Gas duster can also be used for this purpose which is basically used for cleaning the electronic devices. One should never clean the screen using wet clothes.

If by any mean the screen gets scratched (unfortunately) then’sandpaper’ can also be used for its removal. By rubbing the scratch with soft hands using sandpaper, the scratch gets faint. But this method can only be used in the metal framed laptops.

“We should never wash any component of the computer.”

Toothpick : Sometimes dusts get deposited in laptops’ headphone jack or in USB ports due to which they malfunction. So, they need cleaning which can be done through ‘Toothpick’. We have to put little amount of cotton at the appropriate end of the toothpick and then we can utilise it to cleanup the jacks & ports. Cleaners can also be used to accomplish this.


For cleaning of the screens of smartphones and tablets ‘Microfibre Clothes’ should be preferably used. Microfibre clothes are soft and doesn’t leave scratch on the screens too. Its fibres are softer as compared to that of the ordinary clothes. One should softly wipe up the screen and should never put any pressure upon the screen. A variety of liquids (for this purpose) are available in the market. The device should be ‘switched OFF’ before starting the cleaning process.

Sometimes, the inner surface of headphone and charging points are occupied by the layer of dusts. This can be easily cleaned with the help of ‘Toothpick’. But ensure that none of the tiny particles of the toothpick left inside the charging point.


To ensure the proper working of ‘mouse’ its important to clean it after regular intervals. ‘Dust Blower’ and ‘Air Compressed’ are the tools through which one can accomplish it effectively. If mouse isn’t functioning properly then its ‘trackball’ can be taken out from the respective cavity for proper cleaning. Usually, dusts get deposited at the base of mouse. If this surface is properly cleaned then the smooth & proper functioning of mouse can be assured.

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