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How To Delete Duplicate Song Files

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How To Delete Duplicate Song Files

Sometimes some of the songs, which are stored in the storage of our phone, gets duplicated and, consequently, one or more duplicate files of the same song gets created. This is very undesired and extremely intolerable but because it occupies a significant amount of memory. Moreover, when the user decides to enjoy the music files, then encounters the same song repeatedly (because of duplication of that music file) which is very frustrating and totally unbearable.

In this article I’ll tell about how to remove these irritating and unwanted duplicate music files :

For Windows Users

  1. Install Duplicate Cleaner which available at free of cost.
  2. After successful installation, launch the Duplicate Cleaner.
  3. Now, click on the virtual button viz. Scan Location.
  4. Bring it to music files.
  5. Now, again tap on “Scan Now” labelled virtual button.
  6. After receiving this command, the app will itself search the present duplicate music files and will put them before the user.
  7. And now, the ball is in your court, you can mark all those music files which you want to delete.
  8. After marking the unwanted duplicate files tap on File Removal button.
  9. This will cause a confirmation message to appear.
  10. Again select Delete Files in the appearing confirmation message and that’s it.


For iPhone Users


  1. First of all, open the iTunes and press on “Library.”
  2. Now, tap on Files which will present a list.
  3. From this newly appearing list, select “Library.”
  4. And now, tap on “Show Duplicate Item.”
  5. This will deliver the list of all of the existing duplicate song files.
  6. Now, the user can select the unwanted duplicate files.

Finally, he need to delete the selected unwanted duplicate song files