How to Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

Whatsapp’s Two-Step Verification is a new and optional addition to this World’s most popular instant messaging app. Whatsapp has added this feature for users of all of the three platforms viz. Windows, iOS and Android. The feature is added to improve the security level of the users’ accounts.

According to this Two-Step Verification feature, the users have to re-register their phone numbers with Whatsapp. It’s noteworthy that the aforesaid feature is optional but those who want to keep their accounts much more secure can utilize this very feature and can provide their greater protection to their accounts from hackers.


  1. Firstly, open the Whatsapp and go to Settings.
  2. In Settings, tap upon Account.
  3. Here, select ”Two-step verification” option.
  4. Now, tap on Enable, in order to enable the Two-step verification.


5. Now, set a strong 6-Digit Passcode and tap on Next.

6. After this, Verify the PIN and confirm the passcode and again tap on Next.

7. Now, enter an email address (optional) and tap Next.

8. On next page, confirm the email address and finally, select Save.

The Two-step verification enabled successfully.


Unfortunately, if the user have forgotten the 6-digit passcode then there is no need to worry. He can reset a new 6-digit passcode.

  1. The user should tap on “Forgot Passcode”.
  2. Subsequently, a prompt message will come in which the user have to select “SEND EMAIL”.
  3. On selecting “SEND EMAIL”, an email will come on the very same email address which the user supplied while enabling Two-step verification.
  4. The email will possess the Reset Passcode Link and the user have to click on this link in order to disable the previously setted passcode.
  5. On clicking the previous passcode will be made disable.
  6. Now, he can reset a new passcode.



If any other person tries to open your WhatsApp then he have to face the passcode but if he taps on Forgot Passcode button and subsequently, on SEND EMAIL then also the email carrying the Reset Passcode Link will arrive on the supplied email address. In this case, never click on the arriving link because it’ll disable your passcode and now that person can open your WhatsApp and moreover he can also reset the passcode.

Another important point is that, WhatsApp never checks whether the fed email address is accurate or not. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the user to enter the accurate email address. If he enters an incorrect email address then whenever he’ll forget his passcode and tap on SEND EMAIL, the email will be sent on the entered email address which the user will never receive.

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