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How To Extract Greater Mileage From Car

Fuel Indicator of Car

Mileage of cars is indeed a factor of great importance. Almost everyone want that his car should give as much mileage as possible. In this article, you will read about the tip using which one can increase the traveling distance of his car.

  1. Always maintain the air-pressure in the tyre of your car to good level and keep checking the level of air-pressure after regular intervals.
  2. Always prefer that path on which the traffic remains less so that the car can run smoothly.
  3. If anyhow, you get trapped within the traffic then don’t ON-OFF the engine of car frequently and, equally importantly, change the gear only when it is required and do not change gears needlessly.
  4. Avoid carrying unrequired and extra baggage in your car and carry only those articles which are required.
  5. Make sure that your car undergoes servicing regularly after the suitable time-intervals and prefer original parts and lubricants for your car.
  6. Avoid making random selection of shops for servicing of your car and always prefer a properly proficient mechanic for servicing of car.
  7. Avoid unnecessary use of clutch because it may harm the clutch-plates and, consequently, affects the mileage of car too.
  8. Try to drive with uniform speed and avoid changing the speed
  9. If you have brought the car in lower gear then do not kick the accelerator because it causes increase in fuel consumption.
  10. Always press the accelerator paddle gently.