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How To Protect Yourself from Hackers and Viruses | Follow 5 Tips to Secure from Malware

Internet has really become an important part of our lives. It’s very difficult to do a task without assistance of internet. But, at the same time there is always the risk of getting trapped by hackers or cyber criminals. The only way to protect ourselves from these hackers is to stay vigilant and use internet cautiously. Let’s have a look on these.

  1. Email Phishing

Email Fishing is one of the most favourite methods used by the hackers in order to trap a person. Hackers used to send a convincingly designed email to a person like “Your ATM is LOCKED. For Security Confirmation share your PIN and Card Number.”




Sharing such sensitive information to hackers gives them a sufficient tool to evacuate the victim’s account. As the recipient responds accordingly, he/she gets trapped and the job gets done for hacker.


What to Do ?

Never, give response to any of such unknown and unauthorized emails. Neither download the attachment (which they ask you to download) nor click on the emailed link.

Even, if the email seems known then, first of all, contact to sender and properly clarify all sorts of doubts and then respond to such emails.


  1. Avoid Weak Passwords

Usually, people sets easy, but actually weak, passwords so that they can keep it memorized easily. But this also makes the job of hackers much easier and makes your account more vulnerable.



What to Do ?

Make sure that your password must be comprised of numbers, characters and special characters. A strong password is one which is an invincible blend of characters, numerical digits and special characters.

Very importantly, one must use different passwords for different accounts in order to stay secured and tension-free.


  1. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Often, Public Wi-Fi seems as a gift to common people but in case of making online transactions the use of Public Wi-Fi becomes strictly avoidable. Because, everyone, including hackers, can access Public Wi-Fi and because of this fact, your shared information can be easily hacked even by amateurish hackers.



What to Do ?

Always and mandatorily avoid using Public Wi-Fi for sensitive works like making online transactions, bank accounting, etc.

Properly confirm the authenticity of the network from the service provider before using its network.