How to secure google account with an USB Device Security Key

Today’s generation is the technical generation which is connected and survives the lots of time on the internet for the information and other several purposes. But in this generation security is big issues is related to information due to this we uses the several types of security options and secure his data to the unauthorized access. But after all techniques, in some cases my data has been loss.

So, resolve the such type of issue Most of  big-name web services companies  like Gmail, Microsoft, Ever note, Word Press and Drop box now support 2-step authentication to improve the security of your online accounts. Once you enable two-factor authentication, a malicious person will not be able to log into your online account even if they know the password – they’ll need access to your mobile phone as well to get in.

In this verification codes required for logging into a 2-step enabled account can be generated either using a mobile app – like Google Authenticator – he send the related information in your mobile phones as a text massages and voice calls.

There’s another option that makes the process of logging into a 2-factor enabled account Google less cumbersome. you can use a hardware based authenticator that can be inserted into a USB port on your computer and you’ll be signed-in automatically without having to hand-type the digits.


You want provide the security in your Google account by the USB Security key then you fallow the some basic steps. The first stop is to associate the USB security key with your Google Account.

  1. Go to, click on 2-step verification and then switch to the Security Keys
  2. Here click the Register Device button and then insert the USB key into the computer to attach it to your account.

After registered your account, you can use your USB security key to log in your Gmail account from any other desktop and laptops without your mobile phones. if you want to access the any desktop then you simply log in your Google account and then insert your USB keys. The lights will blink on the device, you need to click it once and it will instantly log you into the account.

The USB security keys require no software and they are compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux computers. They need no any such type of batteries; they are tiny like a regular USB thumb drive but also rigid.

USB Security Keys make 2-factor authentication painless but you can only use them inside Google Chrome on desktop and laptop computers.

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