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How To Set Almost Uncrackable Password


Let’s learn how to set an extremely tough, reliably secure and very unpredictable password. Now-a-days, the importance of secure password is of huge importance. Setting easy passwords is foolishness and makes the account very vulnerable.

How To Secure Extremely Tough Passwords

  1. Your password must consist of at least two or more words.
  2. The words used in the password should be so different from each other that there must not exist any relation between the words.
  3. The involved words mustn’t be dictionary words.
  4. Use some special characters (wherever possible) in your password.
  5. One word of password should belong to your mother tongue and you can write it in roman.
  6. Carefully, keep one of more middle characters of your password in upper-case.
  7. Deliberately misspelt at least one word of your password.
  8. Keep the length of your password to at least 14 characters.
  9. If possible, you can set more lengthy password too which’ll add further security in the password.
  10. It’s better to set the password in the format as the characters are written on the number-plate of bikes and cars.
  11. A password must be extremely tough, if not unpredictable.