How To Solve Mobile Hanging Problem

Whenever the smartphone hangs or starts showing noticeable lag in its operation then usually the user erases some data from the phone or uninstalls some of installed applications from the mobile phone in order to restore its smooth running.

Sometimes these methods proves effective enough and the smartphone restores its seamless or smooth operation but often its fails. Because the core reason behind the hanging of smartphone is pertinent to User-Interface (UI) of the mobile phone.

Users can finish the lag, which the phone is showing, by changing some of Stock Features of their smartphone. In this article we’ll see the step-by-step method of sorting out the irritating lag shown by the mobile phone. Let’s start

  1. First of all, go to “Settings” of the phone and tap on “About Phone” option given at the bottom of the given options.
  2. Consequently, a new window will appear with “Build Number” option at nadir.
  3. Tap on “Build Number” seven time successively.
  4. After this, a message will appear which’ll confirm that you are the Developer now.
  5. Now, return to previous window and click on “Developer options” which will open up a new window with several contents. In some devices, “Developer options” exists inside “More Settings”.
  6. Click on “Animation Duration Scale” which will, consequently, present “Windows Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation Scale” and “Animation Duration Scale”.
  7. Now, either Reduce or Turn OFF the animations in “Windows Animation Scales”, “Transition Animation Scale” and “Animation Duration Scale”.
  8. This will sort out the lag, which the phone was showing.
  9. In order to further ensure, one can Restart his phone after which the user himself will notice that the phone is running smoothly without suffering the irritating lag.

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