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How To Trim Video In Phone Without Installing Software

Edit Video in Smartphone

Learn How to Trim Videos Without Installing Any Special Software


Videography has surely become extremely popular among common people. Whether you visit a tourist destination or attend the sermon of a religious scholar, whether you attend the rally of political leader or an accident occurs in front of you, people capturing the moment in their smartphones can be easily seen.


It’s very obvious that the boys and girls of present generation is very fond of videography and have enthusiasm for saving every remarkable moment of their life. But often there exists such parts in our recorded videos which are redundant and eat a significant amount of memory space. These useless parts should be removed because they are redundant and have occupied a serious amount of storage which, in future, can cause memory shortage.


It’s possible to trim the videos without downloading and installing any special software. Let’s see how :

  1. First of all, open the video and click on the icon of pencil (given at the bottom of screen).
  2. Consequently, a timeline (actually, it is video-timeline) will appear on the screen.
  3. Now, drag from one edge of the video and tap at that point on video-timeline up to which you want to trim the video.
  4. Once the trimming process gets completed, you have to save this video.


Using this trick, one can easily trim the redundant parts, present in any of his recorded videos, and can recover a significant amount of memory space. The recovered amount of storage can be utilized for saving several more important and valuable contents. Its very important to utilize the provided resources efficiently.