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How To Use Dongle’s Internet In Smartphone

Smartphones become awesomely powerful once they get a High Speed Internet. Normally, people use Modem / Dongle for accessing internet through their laptop and for smartphones they rely on Net Packs offered by telecom companies like Airtel, Idea, BSNL, etc.

However, there exists a large number of people who don’t want to spend so much money and want to use the internet data of their Dongle through their laptop and smartphone too. For such people there is a solution.

First of all, they need to convert their laptop into a Hotspot and, pleasingly, there is a way to convert the Laptop into the Hotspot. Once the Hotspot gets formed, such people connect their smartphones with this newly formed Hotspot and can use the internet data of their Dongle.



  1. Firstly, open the laptop and provide it the Internet connectivity (through Dongle).
  2. Subsequently, download and install the Connectify App.
  3. After successful installation, open the Connectify App.
  4. Now, go to Settings.
  5. Click on Create A Wi-Fi Hotspot option.
  6. Inside the aforesaid option, there will be a Dropdown menu below the Internet To Share option.
  7. Open the aforesaid Dropdown Menu and select that Dongle whose Internet you want to share.
  8. Now, you just need to set a password (if you wish), and
  9. Finally, click on Start Hotspot option.
  10. Now, you can use the internet data of your Dongle in your smartphone.


Connectify App comes in two versions which are Free Version and Paid Version. The free version of Connectify App makes this Hotspot  for the duration of 30 minutes which means that the user can access the data for 30 minutes only. Therefore, it’s better to install the paid version of Connectify App.