Know Right Use of Debit Card

About Article: Know Right Use of Debit Card And necessary Precautions While Using ATM Cum Debit Cards. Follow Given tips to Protect your Debit Card  from Frauds and also improve your card security.


Now days, debit cards are considered as a soft target among some mischievous hackers. Such incidents are increasing day by day. Our minor mistake can serve them an opportunity to wipe up our bank account. These shameless hackers often extract our personal details by using which they do shopping through our own cards keeping us unaware of it.


According to E-scan, informations related to debit cards can be stolen by using ‘malware’, ‘ATM malware’, ‘POS malware’, ‘Key logger’, ‘hacking attack’, etc.

‘Fishing’ is also done by these burglars to accomplish their shameful aim. Money fiddling through fishing have been occurring since long time. Through ‘fishing’, in addition to debit card informations, credit card’s and user login informations can also be stolen.

‘Skimming Device’ is another tool which is considered as a boon among the burglars. Basically, ‘skimming devices’ are attached to the ATMs and are capable of disclosing pin or card related details. Thankfully, harm caused by such devices are restricted to involved ATM only.

‘Malware’ and ‘Hacking’ are the main methods used by cyber criminals to achieve their objective. In 2013, about 40 million credit and debit card details were elicited from ‘TARGET’ ( a huge brand of retail sector) by attacking it using ‘POS Malware’.


By adopting some determined steps one can protect itself from the morons of cyberspace like all such credit/debit cards which doesn’t support TFA, two factor authentication, must be avoided from use. In easier terms, if on using a particular credit card you are not provided the option of online ‘one time password’ (OTP), in which 4 or 6 digit verification code must be asked before any transaction then one should stop its use mandatorily.


Increasing rate of online hacking have made it necessary for us to use the such cards cautiously. Some of the useful tips are mentioned below :

  1. Remove the CVV, written at the back of card, through marker.
  2. Always keep ‘Mobile Alerts’, regarding card’s transactions, activated.
  3. Always keep the number pad of ATM covered with hands while entering the pin.
  4. Never throw your slip in ATM’s dustbin.
  5. Never give your card to others for swiping through the machine. Do it yourself.
  6. Never keep image of your card in the mobile.
  7. For online transactions, accounts of less balance is reasonably preferable.
  8. If you are using a particular mobile application for banking purpose then you must assure its security through a reliable antivirus.
  9. Never install any spam software app.
  10. If you used perform net banking then you should immediately change the your account password.
  11. While making any transaction, be sure to uncheck the ‘save details’ option.


  1. Credit/Debit card users should change their pin after regular intervals.
  2. Don’t share your pin with anyone whether he/she is your family member or any closed relative.
  3. Unfortunately, if the card gets misplaced then immediately report it to the respective bank.
  4. If anyone, pretending himself/herself a bank official, asks you about your card number, CVV, pin, OTP, etc. then never disclose such details to him/her.
  5. Never put your card and pin number together.
  6. Never write pin number upon your card.
  7. Never believe on unauthorized informations.
  8. Contact to your respective bank only for authentic informations.
  9. You can also limit your domestic as well as international transactions.
  10. Moreover, users can also limit their card’s limit, through Internet Banking, according to their own requirements.


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