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Learn How To Unsend the Sent Message on WhatsApp

Learn How To Unsend the Sent Message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s upcoming and much-highlighted “Unsend” feature, using which the user can unsend the sent message, have already received a great level of popularity amongst its users.

Currently, this unsend feature is available on WhatsApp’s Beta Version and the users who have enrolled as Beta Tester are using this feature. You can also enjoy this feature by enrolling as Beta Tester.


NOTE : In order to use this feature, it’s mandatory that both the sender and receiver must be using the Beta version of Whatsapp.

Equally importantly, there must be Xposed Framework and WA Tweak must  be installed in the phones of Sender as well as of Receiver too.



How To Become WhatsApp’s Beta Tester ?

  1. First of all, open the link
  2. On the appearing page you can see BECOME A TESTER option.
  3. Tap on the aforesaid option and that’s it.
  4. You’ve become the Beta Tester of WhatsApp.


In order to install the newest beta version of WhatApp, your smartphone must hold these three capabilities :

  1. Your android device must be operating on Android Marshmallow OS or higher version of Android operating
  2. The smartphone must be Rootable (i.e. it can be rooted).
  3. The android device must be capable of running Xposed Framework.

If your android smartphone is blessed with these abovementioned qualities then only you can enjoy the experience of WhatApp’s Beta version.


If your android phone has already been rooted then :

  1. You need to install the Xposed Framework which can be installed through this link
  2. Now, open the installed Xposed Framework app and give it the root permission.
  3. Restart the device.
  4. Now, install the WA Tweak, an smartphone application.
  5. After installation of WA Tweak app, open it and provide the root permission.
  6. Now, Reboot the mobile phone.
  7. Once rebooting finishes (conclusively), launch Xposed app and Turn it ON.
  8. Now, go to Hamburger option and click on Modules.
  9. In Modules, click on WA Tweak and enable it.
  10. Now, Reboot the phone again.
  11. After the conclusion of Rebooting process, go to WA Tweaks and enable the revoke option.
  12. Post to this, tap on Hamburger option and go to Xposed Tweaks.
  13. In Xposed Tweaks, tap on Hidden Features.
  14. Again enable the Revoke option in the WA Tweaks.
  15. Now, you can enjoy the Unsend feature in your WhatsApp.


How To Unsend ?

  1. Send a message to one of your contacts.
  2. Long press on this very message.
  3. Now, you can see three dots at the upper-right part of mobile screen.
  4. Tap on these dots.
  5. A list will appear possessing “Unsend” option.
  6. Tap on Unsend following which a confirmation message will appear.
  7. Again click on “Unsend” option and that’s it.


Once you unsend a message, that particular message will be deleted from your and receiver’s phone as well.