Learn to Create uncrackable Password than can Easy to Memorize

Today’s, social media is play important role in human life. If User wants to get/post any information then social media work as a mediator. So it the best way but as well as security is the most important part of the internet due to this the other unauthorized person can’t access your personal data. For this we secure our data by the creating password. These passwords protect our data from the unauthorized person.

But, According to the report Yahoo officially announced that his half a billion passwords was hacked from Yahoo’s database; and the scariest part is that the breach happened in 2014, few days back.

So, on that place, the first question is that how exactly can we ensure that our online passwords are protected, and hackers fail to crack the code to steal them?

Recently, a security expert told that a 32-character long password is an almost assured way to protect one’s password, as hackers will have to spend a hell of a time to decode it.

But, for the common people remembering 32-characters long password is too difficult or impossible; human brain has its own limitations.

  1. Password create by using the poem rhythms

Researchers at University of South California conducted a research into creating strong passwords, and found that creating a poem can really help you in that objective.

Researchers Marjan Ghazvininejad and Kevin Knight found that using random words in a rhythmic poem will achieve two objectives: 1) is user using random words in a rhythmic poem, it’s easy to remember and 2) more of create difficulty of hackers to decode this password.

Here, we give the example of the rhythmic poem which is used to as a password, these are:-

  • Consider neo enterprise, McLaren often Emphasize.
  • Japan Colombian survey and London student holiday.
  • A Kansas fountain expertise, a market worker overseas
  1. Turn sentences into passwords:

After this method, the method is 32-character long password is the best way to secure the password, and this way if hackers hack the password then he take a hell of time.

As his analysis if we try to converting a sentence into a password then also the probability of hacking it is reduced.

We gave the some example of such type of methods:

              “Woohoo! The Packers won the Super Bowl!” becomes “WOO!TPwontSB”

             “Please pick up more Toasty O’s at the grocery store” becomes                      “PPupmoarT@O@tgs”

And so on.

  1. By using the PAO Method:

PAO or Person-Action-Object method of creating passwords was developed by Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists, wherein the power of visuals has been used for creating unbreakable passwords.

The visual password is combination of the random objects and random action makes a unbreakable password.

For example, select a famous place like Taj Mahal, a person like your math’s teacher from class 12th and a random action like riding a horse.

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