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Mahindra’s New XUV 500

Mahindra has unveiled the latest avatar of XUV 500 which is blessed with the commendable Ecosense technology, sensational Android Auto, very useful Emergency Call Function, electrifying Connected App feature and more.  Fortified with these very new and exciting technologies, the newest version of XUV 500 vehicle is, surely, a very attention-grabbing car.

The new avatar of Mahindra XUV 500 is equipped with a seriously powerful mHawk 140 Diesel engine which is the heart and soul of this car. This admirably forceful engine of this vehicle is very much competent of producing the output power of 140-bhp and can generate the torque of 330 Newton-metre.

As disclosed above, this version of XUV 500 is blessed with the exciting Android Auto technology using which the car users can connect their Android phone to the infotainment system of this car. Impressively, after connecting successfully, the users become able to access and control the messages, calls, music, etc. on the infotainment system of car.


Another commendable addition in this is its Ecosense Technology which monitors and, gratefully, controls the carbon emission and fuel consumption of the car which is, indeed, praiseworthy.

Apart from these, the Emergency Call Function provided in this car has added a new dimension in this car. As soon as the Air Bags of this XUV car opens, the Emergency Call Function actuates and immediately calls to the emergency services which is, surely, very commendable. Apart from this, the Emergency Call Function also sends Text Alert to those two numbers which are preset by the user.

This new Mahindra car possesses a seriously voluminous Fuel Tank of 70-litres and the exterior of this car appears to be a very strong. Impressively, the sunroof provided in this car is also an blessed with a technology and, that’s why, operates electrically.