New Feature Add in 2017: WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Super mCharge

New Feature Add in world famous social platform: Gmail users now receive e-mail up to 150 MB, WhatsApp Add Beta for Windows user, Facebook add Suicide prevention tool.


Unfortunately, many people, which were under depression, used the Facebook’s Live Video feature to broadcast their suicide. Now, in order to prevent such painful actions Facebook has come up with the updated version of its Suicide PreventionTool in which many new technologies have been used.


Facebook have prepared a team which will work 24×7 and interact with depressed people and rescue them in the best possible manner. The tool also have the Live Chat feature using which the members of this team can interact with the depressed people.


WhatsApp messenger has offered some of the new features for its Windows Beta App users. After updating to 2.17.86 the user will receive more amount of information related to a particular chat.


It’ll show that which contact has shared how many media files. Apart from this, a new size tab is also given which will reveal that how much memory space is consumed by a particular chat and which of the chat is consuming the largest amount of space.


Gmail, a widely popular email application, is now allowing its users to receive the emails of upto 150 MB.


It’s noteworthy that even yet the ordinary users cannot attach the file of over 25 MB with their emails.

But, if an email having the size of 150 MB comes to a user, from a specific end, then the user can receive it.



SUPER mCHARGE: This is one most Super Fast Charging Technology

In the latest edition of Mobile World Congress a new technology viz. Super mCharge got launched by Meizu.


The company professed that the aforesaid technology can fully charge the battery of smartphones within 20 minutes. Moreover, it is also professed that MCharge technology is better than VOOC and Quick Charge technologies.

The representatives of Meizu claimed that MCharge technology is safer and consumes less amount of power too. While full-charging the phone, the MCharge technology consumes only half of that electric power what consumed by others. More importantly, this technology keeps the phone cool by 39 degrees.


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