Modi Sarkaar is looking very much willful to transform the country to cashless economy. Very recently, the government has taken another commendable decision to further promote the cashless transactions in the country.
Factually, UIDAI has launched a smartphone App which will make the merchants capable of accepting the payments from the consumers which will be cashless, cardless and pinless too.

Let’s see how :
1⋅ First of all, the shopkeeper must possess the Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AIPS) App and also need to register it against his own Aadhaar. The merchant’s FingerPrints will be used for making the registration process.
There will be a FingerPrint Scanner connected to the smartphone via an app.
2⋅ After successfully concluding the aforementioned step the shopkeeper become able to receive the payment through this app.
3⋅ Now, in order to obtain the payment from the consumer, the shopkeeper only require to feed the consumer’s Aadhaar Number, Name of Bank in which the consumer’s bank account exists and the amount of money.
4⋅ Then, the two options Continue or Reject will appear. Tapping on Continue will ask for the authorization of payment where only the FingerPrint of the consumer can authorize the payment.
5⋅ Once the payment is authorized by the consumer, the filled amount of money will be transferred to the Aadhaar linked account of shopkeeper from the Aadhaar linked consumer’s bank account.

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