Power Bank Review- Tips When Buying and Using


Now days, people using smart phones for various purposes ranging from communication to entertainment. Often, we see people, travelling in metro, train, bus, car, enjoying music or watching videos on their smartphones. Many people enjoy gaming on their phone while traveling. In all of these recreational activities, the battery of the phones gets exhausted quickly and then, the same people get tensed when they realize that how they will recharge the battery of their phone on a public place or while travelling ?

‘Power Bank’ is a sure solution of this.

Power Bank is a small-sized device through which you can easily recharge the battery of your mobile phone or tablet, etc. regardless of where you are, i.e. whether you are travelling through metro, shopping in the market, visiting in a park or enjoying movie in the Cinema Hall you can easily recharge your phone, tablet, etc. using Power Bank.

Power Bank is a universal charger, i.e. you don’t need to keep separate chargers for different devices as long as you have power bank. It is pocket sized device so you can easily carry it wherever you go and can full charge your phone once or even twice. Power Banks of different varieties (cheap, expensive) are available in the market.

How Power Bank Works

Power Bank, in its essence, is a type of special battery which you can utilize in emergency. Employing it is a very simple task. You need to recharge your Power Bank during night or during any other time and at the time of requirement you can recharge your phone through it. Because we store energy in it, that’s why, it is called Power Bank. Its main advantage is that you can recharge your device anywher, whether you are in metro, park, multiplex, or anywhere else.

Power Banks equipped with WiFi hotspot are also available in the market with the name of ‘Combo Power Banks’ which are capable of forming Internet Bridge Connection with the available wireless network.

Power Bank of which capacity you need ?

If you used to travel, carrying many devices, then you must carry the power bank of High Capacity.

If you travel with mobile phone only then power bank of less capacity is sufficient. You should also consider the ‘mah capacity’ of your phone’s battery. For example, if you phone’s battery is of 2500 mah then you must buy the power bank at least 3000 mah. Similarly, if you buy the power bank of capacity slightly over 5000 mah then you can fully recharge your phone twice.

If your budget allows then you should buy the power bank of high capacity. Another fact must be considered that when your phone or tablet is charging through power bank, a considerable amount of energy loss occurs in power transfer which means if your power bank is of 5000 mah capacity then it is not necessary that it will full charge phones of 2500 mah twice. Therefore, you should buy the power bank of capacity greater than the Mah capacity of your phone’s battery.

Safety must be Preferred

Such power banks are also found which neither reveal mah capacity nor current draw value. Such power banks may suffer from the problem of over heating. For safe and secure power bank you should ensure that ‘Over Voltage Protection (OVP)’, ‘Short Circuit Protection (SCP)’, ‘Over Charge Protection (OCP)’ and ‘Over Temperature Protection (OTP)’ must be mentioned on the power bank. Such power banks works longer and over heating problems does not arises too. Cheap quality power banks is also dangerous for your devices.

Which Type Of Cell Used

While buying a power bank , you should also consider that which type of cell have been used in that power bank , Li-ion or Li-polymer. ‘Li-ion’ cells are cheaper and its power banks are available in greater amount contrary to this ‘Li-polymer’ cells are expensive. But charging done by Li-polymer per unit is double than that of Li-ion

Keep in mind to given point when you purchased Power bank

  1. Dozens of brands of power banks are there but you should prefer the power bank of reputed brand.
  2. With the aim of money saving, power bank of ordinary brands should not be selected because such power banks consistĀ of Li-ion battery of cheap quality whose performance is pathetic and they are dangerous for health too.
  3. Power Banks having built-in cable must be preferred.
  4. As you are buying power bank for portability so you must assure that its weight must not be too heavy.
  5. If a brand is giving higher capacity at low price then you should doubt it because such brands use refurbished batteries due to which long validity of that device can’t be guaranteed.
  6. It should be seriously considered that how much current is drawn to charge the phone. Older phones require current of about 1 ampere but now newly made handsets or tablets require input current of 2.1 ampere.
  7. It should also be checked that how many USB ports are given the power bank. In some power banks there is one port of 1.5A and other one of 2.1A.
  8. USB port of 1.5A is for small and medium devices while 2.1A port is for higher devices.

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