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Familonet Application

Android Device Manager are often used by most number of people for tracking purpose but there are some Third-Party Applications available at Google Play Store which can be used for tracking of mobile devices. In this article, I’ll tell about such android applications.


This is a typical tracking software which can be downloaded and installed from Google’s Play Store. The unique thing about Prey Software is the fact that it supports multiple platforms. Impressively, this lovely software supports variety of platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS and Mac as well.


Prey is an application through which one can track a device from anywhere. Apart from this, one can also enlock the tracked device. More importantly and most impressive feature of this software is that the Prey app can be utilized to remotely start the unusually loud alarm tone, if the device is lying in Silent mode.


It’s another quite interesting and very facilitative android application that can be installed from Play Store. Lookout is a multi-purpose and all-in-one sort of application in which Device Tracking is also provided along with several other features.


Apart from tracking the device, this luxurious application also allows the user to switch the device to Ring Mode, incase if that gadget is at Silent Mode. Lookout is such an impressive software that whenever the battery level of the gadget gets off to low level then Look0ut application automatically saves the current location of that device.

This commendable android software allows its users to secure the backup of their contacts and most impressively and equally appreciably, Lookout software is a very purposeful Anti-Virus too which reliably protects the device against the adwares, viruses, spywares and malwares too.



This is a considerably good application if someone wants to track only his family members or friends. This unique, in some sense, android mobile software tracks the location and displays the real-time locations on the Map.


A very commendable feature of Familonet is its “Push Notification” service which is indeed very facilitative. When a family member arrives or departs to/from home, office or school then the Familonet software starts serving the very facilitative “Automatic Push Notification”.


Another great feature which the Familonet android application holds is “Panic Button” which is surely a very laudable addition to this android software.