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Professional Course Vs Academic Course

Now-a-days, selecting a graduation course (Academic or Professional) for further studies after Intermediate (12th) is a genuine dilemma for most number of students. Unfortunately and painfully too, every year a number of students (after passing 12th Exams) doesn’t go for any sort of studies just because they remain at sixes and sevens.

Sometimes, students opt for such a course which later proves inappropriate for them and, therefore, they suffer. In this article, I’ll tell about the Academic and Professional courses and hope that it’ll help the students in taking a decision regarding their career.

Professional Course

Now-a-days, it has almost become a norm to go for professional courses after intermediate. As these courses are job-oriented so it seems significantly preferable to opt for professional courses. But there exist a healthy number of students which rush towards these without considering properly about it.

Professional Courses are job-oriented and, therefore, it chiefly focusses upon developing those skill-sets in its students which are the requirements of a profession.


The best and the most exciting thing with the professional courses is its pragmatism. Students who opt for these courses learn the practical application of what they study. Professional courses aims to give practical knowledge to students and, therefore, the skill-sets required for a particular industry develops in the students.

Students, who select professional courses, become quite familiar with the work-culture of the related profession (before the official completion of their course) and they become capable of serving with their full efficiency in their respective industries.

Interestingly, there exist such professional courses which offer the very welcoming facilities like Internship and On Job Training which help the students purposefully.

More importantly, the students of professional courses are also blessed with the option of self-employment. They can start by working in a company and after earning required amount of experience they can start working individually.


Actually, the professional courses benefits only if it is updated according to the requirements of the industry otherwise it gives no advantage to its students.

Professional courses involve extreme level of fees. It’s very true that the professional course are very expensive and, therefore, unaffordable for significant number of students.

Now-a-days, there are lacs of such private colleges which offer professional courses but, very painfully, most of the private colleges fail to provide the quality of education which is required. Consequently, the students graduated from such careless and blameworthy institutes suffer and struggle.


Academic Course

There is the perception that academic courses do not provide jobs which is not the reality at all. If a student with a set goal goes with academic course then there are healthy chances of him to achieve very rewarding jobs.


The students, who opt for academic courses, can get the job of Lecturer, Researcher and can also go for Government Job. All of these, jobs are, certainly, very rewarding.

There are some institutions which offers stipend to its newly recruited researchers and, later, that researcher gets the job of working in the very same institute. So, the student of academic courses can secure a successful career in the honourable institutions of the country.

Graduates of academic courses can try for Government Jobs while studying Post-Graduation.

Graduates of academic courses can make a good career by gaining higher education in academics and, apart from this, these graduates can also move towards Master’s Degree of professional course (for professional qualification) if they want.


Academic graduation courses don’t involve skill-development, so the graduates of academic courses require to study either a Professional course or they need to go for Master’s Degree.

Cracking the exams for Government Jobs is not doable by everyone. There are students who lack the aptitude which is required by competitive exams. Consequently, they fail to crack these exams and this makes them depressed and confused about their career.

Knowledge and Qualification matter a lot in the domain of academics. Therefore, the students, who want to go for higher studies, have great opportunities but the students, who don’t want to study further, don’t get enough opportunities.