Nobody likes to lose any of his/her valuable possessions. Our personal phone is also counted among one of such private stuffs which we don’t want to lose. But, at the same time, there exists the other face of the coin too which reveals that the burgling of mobile phones is common in our country. So, if anybody’s phone gets misplaced or is stolen then the owner usually considers it a mishappening and didn’t make adequate efforts to recover it. However, there exists a method which can help a lot in regaining the lost phone. So, I’m wishing to tell that method :
First of all, let it clear that the method which I’m going to disclose is only for the ANDROID USERS.
NOTE : If you take some of the precautionary steps before phone’s misplacement then it’ll ease the searching process of the lost phone.
So, first of all, the user need to TURN ON the Locate The Device option in the phone. This option can be found in Google Settings. The Locate The Device option can help a lot while probing the lost phone.
Now, if the phone gets misplaced or gets stolen the owner can track it through the computer. HOW ?
1. Open the Web Browser of the computer and go to the Android Device Manager.
2. Here, do Log In using your Gmail Account (Note : You need to feed the same email id which you have used while Logging In into your phone’s Google Play Store.)
3. After completing these two steps, a Map will be shown which will track your android phone and show the current location of the device. The complete and proper address of the phone’s location will be revealed.
4. Apart from these, there will be three options RING, LOCK and ERASE.
a. Pressing RING will make the phone to ring on getting located.
b. Pressing LOCK enable you to set a Lock Screen Password.
c. Pressing ERASE will erase all the private data stored in the phone.

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