Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhones/iPads

Sandisk iXpand is very commendable and equally purposeful solution of problems associated with limited storage of iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. It’s known to almost everyone that in iPhones and iPads there isn’t any facility of expanding the storage. iPhones and iPads comes with a significant amount of inbuilt storage which, sadly, cannot be expanded anymore.

Sandisk iXpand Flash drive is a very effective solution of this painful problem. Now-a-days, people (including iPhone/iPad users) are creating more and more and content and in order to store the created content a greatly voluminous digital storage device is need of hour.

But sometimes, the limited inbuilt storage of iOS devices like iPads and iPhones disappoints its users by failing to deliver the required amount storage space. Now, all such users can utilize the commendable Sandisk iXpand and store as much content as they wish.


iXpand Flash drive comes in multiple variants which differs from each other on the basis of amount of storage space they offer. The memory space offered by Sandisk iXpand ranges from 16GB to greatly capacious 128GB.

This praiseworthy storage device possesses two facially different ports at its two ends. One of its ports can be used to connect it to iPhone while the remaining one can be used to connect it to USB. Sandisk iXpand has a USB 3.0 connector too which makes very purposeful for transferring the data between PC and iPad/iPhone.

Sandisk’s officials have professed that the iXpand is very much competent of delivering the hugely impressive data transfer speed of 70-MBps. iOS users can purchase this lovable and praiseworthy storage device from online stores like Flipkart. Its price range from Rs.2,750 – 6,899.

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