Almost everyone want to spend the money freely without any accountability. But, it is nearly a universal truth that we have to keep a serious eye upon our expenditures if we really want to save some resonable amount of money.
Usually, people doesn’t like to maintain the proper record of their expenditures (whether virtual or written) but at the end of the day, we have to do it. Thankfully, the countinuously evolving technology have a solution for this also. YES, there are some Personal Finance Softwares available at the relevant App Stores which can give serious assistance while managing the personal finance


GNU Cash is a very handy tool for the Home Acounting as well as for the accountings of the Small Scale Businesses. The software is supported in Windows, BSD, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. Moreover, for monitoring the financial transactions, the Android version of the GNU Cash is also available at the Play Store.

The software offers the features like Double Entry Accounting, Small Business Accounting, Transaction Schedule, Financial Calculatioins, Graphs, etc. The user can easily set up his account, assets, regular payment, etc. Along with these, the software enables its users to easily track the account, stocks, income and expenses too.
Moreover, if someone is already using a particular Financial software and want to get the GNU’s help too then he can easily import the necessary data either in QIF or DOFX format.



It is basically a Cloud Based Free financial software which allows the managing of the account on the Desktop as well as on smartphone. Mvelopes’ android version is available at the PlayStore and iOS version is present at App Store as well.

First of all, the user require to SIGN-UP before using this app. The user can prepare his budget on this software and also track the daily, weekly or monthly expenditures. Mvelope also contains some of the handy Budgeting Templates which provides great assistance while planning the personal budget and tracking it.
Apart from these, the software also gives the feedback which contains the informations like where the user is spending and what is his current account balance. Moreover, the user can also take the photograph of the reciept and can attach it with the transaction made.
The Mvelope software is available in two versions i.e. Free Version and Paid Version. If the user selects the free version then he can only use the limited number of features. The Paid version offers comparatively greater amount of features and thereby adds new dimesions to Mvelopes’ usefulness



This is a Free and Open-Source utility for the personal finance. Most surprisingly, it is not necessary to download and install this app for using it. One can also use it via USB Keys. This heavily useful software offers a simple and lovable user-interface.

This app manages the user’s finance and simultaneously helps in tracking the flow of the invested money. The preprovided Guiding tools makes it easier to understand the Process and at the same time, the user can monitor all of his accounts, credit cards, savings, stock investments, etc.
Money Exchanger EX also displays the forecasting of the budgeting and cashflow. Moreover, the user can also view the data in terms of Graphs and Pie-Charts with just one click.

Unfortunately, the user’s financial data does not remain sync with his bank account in this software. The user have to add it manually. One can import the data either in CSV or QIF format.
Money Manager EX is operable in 24 different languages. The software supports Windows and the user can also download its android version from the Play Store.

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