Software Testing: A Career with Unlimited Growth in Future

Career in Software Testing

Software Testing is a very promising Career Option which can provide jobs in goods firms like WIPRO, INFOSYS, HCL, Mahindra Tech. & even in GOOGLE. Perhaps, there is unlimited scope in this field. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a B.A. or B.Com., you can still become a prominent software testing.

Software Testing career, usually, does the job of testing the quality of the newly developed software and searching those bugs in the software which need to be fixed.

After the creation of a particular software, it goes through the testing procedures. Software Tester examines the developed software by testing its quality, technological capability, and stability.

It’s very important for the tester to do the thorough assessment of the given software. After this, preparation of the proper and effective working strategy, successful implementation of the prepared strategy, finding the bugs and dangers and preparing the final report about that software are the responsibilities of the Software Tester. Moreover, it’s also his duty to inform about the possible dangers related to the Application.

Generally, Types of Software Testing process is categorized into two viz.

  1. Manually Testing and
  2. Automated Testing.

In Manually Testing, as evident from the name itself, the software tester does the testing of the software manually while in case of Automated Testing, the testing tools, designed specifically for the purpose of software testing, are used to examine the newly developed softwares.

There is a general perception that in Software Testing domain only an  ITian or B.Tech. / B.E. can secure a career which is actually nothing but a MISPERCEPTION. A candidate belonging to any other discipline, like B.A. or B.Com., can also become a successful and even exemplary Software Tester. All he need is the Software Testing Skills.

Technical Skills Required 

Often, Software Tester required to work as a part of the team and sometimes, they need to lead the team, so he should possess appreciable or at least acceptable level of Communication Skills. It’s very important for a software tester that he should remain updated with technicalities of the Software Industries and he should also possess reasonable knowledge about the IT Business.

In order to thoroughly test the software the software tester needs to have some seriously good level of domain knowledge, in addition to analytical skills. Along with this, he also require to have sufficient knowledge about that field with which the software, which the tester is testing, is associated.

Career as a Software Tester and Future Scope  

A software tester can get good jobs in this field. In India, the candidate can get the job in Hiring Software Testing Companies. Not only this, he can also be recruited in the Internal Software Testing Department of some IT Companies.

Everyone should know how to get job as a Software testing Manager

Software Testers have a great chance of gaining the jobs in the firms like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, WIPRO, Infosys, HCL, Mahindra Tech., EDC, Think Soft, TCS, Pure Testing, Applab, etc. Moreover, because of “Make in India” many of the foreign companies are coming in India which could further increase the number of jobs in this field.

A person can also secure his career in the domain of Software Testing as Trainee Software Tester, Associate/Senior Software Tester, Training Manager, Test Leader, Consultant where all offers reasonable remunerations.

Packages/Salary in Software Testing

In the field of Software Testing, the amount of salary depends upon the qualification and work experience of the Software Tester. If he’s serving as test Group Leader or Training Manager then he can earn 60 – 80 thousand per month.

In Software Testing Profession, Software Tester gets promoted to the post of Senior Test Manager post or Senior Test Architect then he could receive the awesome Software Testing packages ranging from 70 – 1.5 lakhs per month.


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