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Twitter’s New Policy And How To Protect Ourselves

Twitter, an extremely popular micro-blogging site, is going to implement its new and frustrating, in a sense, Privacy Policy from 18th June, 2017 onwards. This revised and divulging privacy policy of Twitter may be unacceptable (for several of its users).

According to the new privacy policy, Twitter will share the Data and Activities of its users with Advertisers in order to earn more. Twitter website, in order to increase its overall revenue, will track the users and share the data and activities of its users to the advertisers.

The advertisers will receive these informations from Twitter and, subsequently, utilize these data for the marketing purpose. This may be disturbing for many of the Twitter users. Thankfully, this very popular micro-blogging site has allowed its users to change their privacy settings, incase they don’t want their data and activities to get shared.

How ?

First of all, let it very clear that in order to prevent Twitter from sharing your data, you require to change your privacy settings in the smartphone app of Twitter as well as on desktop site of Twitter.

  1. Open Twitter.
  2. Tap / Click on Settings.
  3. Followingly, tap on Privacy Settings.
  4. Now, click on Personalization And Data.
  5. On the newly browsed page, you can see virtual button for disabling the Personalization & Data Settings in the upper part of the page.
  6. Here, you can change your privacy settings.
  7. Let me again remind that you have to change the privacy settings through Twitter’s official app and through Twitter’s website as well.