Useful Tips of POWER SAVING


Surely, power saving is an appreciable service to the nation and to the society as well. Today, I’ll tell how can a common civilian can save an appreciable amount of electrical power just by handling conservatively some of the his/her home’s electrical appliances and gadgets. Let’s start ?

  1. Keeping the doors and windows opened allows the natural light to enter our home which, resultingly, scatters adequate amount of light into the home and such times are the exact ones for switching OFF the unnecessarily illuminating tubelights and bulbs.
  2. When all family members are gathered together in same room/place into the house then the tubelights, fans & ACs like appliances of the remaining rooms must be turned OFF.
  3. Unrequired operating of electrical appliances, at homes or within office premises,must be avoided.
  4. After turning OFF the TVs, computers and ACs through their respective remote controls, we should also OFF their switches manually.
  5. Switching of TVs through remote controls leave their picture tubes ON which results in the continuous waste of the electricity. Thus, its switch must also be turned OFF.
  6. Don’t keep the electrical appliances on STAND BY mode.
  7. Chargers of laptops, phones, digital cameras, etc. should be properly switched OFF from switch board, this also saves reasonable amount of power.
  8. Keeping the computer OFF for twelve hours every day can save the electricity of worth ₹3000 (approximately).
  9. By using appliances which have Star ratings we can save power in appreciable quantity.
  10. Computer’s Screen Saver mode doesn’t saves electricity, it only protects the screen. Therefore, instead of screen saver we should prefer either Sleep Mode or Power Saving feature of the computer. It will minimize the electricity bill by ₹1000.
  11. If you’re leaving your PC for ten minutes or more, then it will be better to switch OFF the monitor.
  12. Use of laptops should be preferred over desktop computers because by doing so we can save reasonable amount of electric power.
  13. Set the internal temperature of the refrigerator within medium range (i.e. 30℃ or 380℃). This will keep your food cool and simultaneously save some electricity also.
  14. Rather than using classical stoves one should prefer the microwaves. Its power consumption amount lies within acceptable limits.


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