Video Calling via FB Whatsapp


Certainly, Facebook is most popular social media platform and Whatsapp is also not far away from it (in terms of popularity). Millions of smartphone users are addicted to both of these. Smartphone users usually used to access Facebook through its smartphone application viz. ‘Facebook’. Apart from this, ‘Facebook Messenger’ is another application which is available. ‘Facebook Messenger’ basically provides access to messages shared on Facebook between its user and his/her facebook friends.

Whatsapp as well as Facebook Messenger both allow its users to share texts, audios & videos. Voice Calling feature was also included in both some months ago which increased their popularity indeed. But now both of these are going to give something more satisfying. Its their ‘Video Calling’ feature.


Android users are now going to receive ‘video calling’ facility in their Whatsapp. This appreciable feature is available in the latest version of ‘Whatsapp Beta App’. However, presently, only the official users, which have signed up for Android Beta Testing Program, can use this feature. This feature will only work if both end users are the part of Android Beta Testing Program. If the user at other end is equipped with older version then video calling is not possible. In order to use this feature the android users need to update from the version of 2.16.316 or upper.


Facebook have recently updated its Messenger and Whatsapp of Windows10. Now, users can enjoy voice and video calling through Facebook Messenger as well as through Whatsapp of Windows10. Users don’t need to open browser for video calling. At the right corner of the desktop app ‘Phone’ icon can be seen through which users can perform calling. If that person, to whom you want to call, is active then a green light will illuminate with its name. Tapping on which you can connect the call. Before this welcoming update, Facebook have also provided the facility of ‘Live Broadcast Recording & Sharing’ for Windows10 users. However, calling feature is supported by some of the selective Windows10 devices only.

Meanwhile, Whatsapp has also released its new update for Windows in which several new features are available. Sharing of animated gifs and browsing of shared images are some of the new features available in the updated version. At the moment its just a Beta Version but soon it will be launched completely.



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