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WhatsApp’s Malware After Ransomware

WannaCry ransomware has already affected a great number of prominent and very reputable institutions of the world and has, by this time, become the biggest ransomware of the history. The entire world, up till now, hasn’t recovered from this detrimental malware and, besides WannaCry, a new spam has started its run, this time through WhatsApp.

Many people are receiving a message which contains a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), asks the user to open the aforesaid URL and claims to offer such a privilege through which the user can change the colour of the icon of their WhatsApp Messenger.

This message pretends to be an exciting and equally beneficent and efforts to convince its recipients but, actually, it is malevolent through and through and does totally different from what it promises. Therefore, it’s the need of hour to protect ourselves from this malicious message.

When the user taps on the URL (written in the mischievous message), a website (which isn’t the official website of WhatsApp) gets opened (by using the internet browser of mobile device) and the more intolerable and equally irritating point is that the newly opened website sends the same malevolent message to all of the contacts of user.

Furthermore, as soon as the website opens, an adware starts downloading in the device. When the adware gets downloaded successfully then a message appears which states that WhatsApp’s colour can only be changed from the official website of WhatsApp.

Let it very clear that WhatsApp portal, until now, hasn’t rolled out any such update for its users. There is no official announcement from WhatsApp regarding the colour changing of the icon of WhatsApp. So, it’s obvious that this running message is nothing but a mischief. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that don’t respond to such messages and don’t share it.